Justin Timberlake is throwing down the smack on American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. "People think he looks so normal and he's so sweet and he's so earnest, but he can't carry a tune in a bucket," he said according to People Online. Sorry Taylor's pitch isn't up to your standards, Justin. Not everyone spent their high school years practicing high pitched harmonies with four of their best buds.

Timberlake didn't stop there. "If he has any skeletons whatsoever," he added, "if, God forbid, he's gay – and all these people in Mississippi who voted for him are like 'Oh, my God, I voted for a queer!' It's just too much pressure." Sounds kind of bitter for a guy whose good friend Lance Bass has enjoyed one of the most supported homosexuality revelations in Hollywood history.

Justin also expressed a dislike of "American Idol". "I despise it, and yet I'm completely fascinated." Here's hoping he doesn't despise it for the way it brings people to fame. That would be kind of funny from a guy who got his start on the New Mickey Mouse Club.

People also quoted Timberlake's publicist who stepped up to do a little damage control. "These comments are taken completely out of context," he said. "[Justin] only wishes him well. He has great affection for anybody that puts himself out there the way he did." Is he kidding? If that's how he shows affection for someone he's never met, no wonder Britney dumped him.

Of course, I'm really only running this story for you ravenous Taylor Hicks fans who are always looking for a chance to defend your favorite star. Feel free to flood the comments section with all your Timberlake anger. Maybe Justin fans will get in on the fray.

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