The difficulty of taking a competent family photo for the yearly Christmas card is proportional to how many people are involved. If you’re talking about a family of three, the whole thing can be knocked out in ten minutes. Throw six highly opinionated women, a child and four men into the same picture however, and you’re bound to have an hours long extravaganza filled with different poses and a whole lot of in-fighting over the final selection. Luckily for the Kardashians, they had a skilled photographer.

The family’s annual Christmas card was made public yesterday, and it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect. Equally parts bizarre and ritzy, it was snapped by Nick Saglimbeni, and it features the eleven reality stars decked out in formal wear in front of a blue wall with arches. Kim posted the shot to her website, and you can take a look at it below…

Ordinarily, my favorite part about this Christmas card would be Lamar Odom looking away from the camera, but thanks to the family’s outlandish nature, there’s something far more ridiculous about this photograph: it’s in 3D. That’s right. The Kardashians have decided to take themselves into an extra dimension this year, and to do so, they’re banking on the fact that their friends and relatives have 3D glasses hanging around. I’ve got to be honest, I think this entire thing is absolutely absurd, but if I did have glasses hanging around, I would look out of curiosity. That means they win, right?

Regardless of what you think, the family seems to be happy with how the whole thing turned out. Look for Kris to immediately begin planning how she can top 3D next year. I hope it's an Eskimo theme.

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