The Kardashian family Christmas card has been racing around the internet today, though the exact reason why it’s been such a story is a bit of a mystery. Part of me thinks people are drawn to its strange mix of modern elegance and throwback scenery and part of me thinks people just can’t get over the audaciousness of it being in 3D. Either way, a lot of eyeballs have been glancing at it, and I’m really curious to know what those eyeballs have thought.

Snapped by photographer Nick Saglimbeni, the picture features most of the Kardashian/ Jenner family, and it was formally mailed to Lord knows how many of the clan’s friends and acquaintances. The outfits were clearly coordinated ahead of time, along with a request to look serious. Not surprisingly, Kris is hanging out in the middle with the loudest dress of them all. You can take a look at it below…

I really want to like the idea of a family putting on nice clothes to take a current picture, but all I can think about is what an absurd ordeal this must have been. They probably had to plan out all of their schedules months in advance to properly block off the time. There was probably hours of shopping involved, and I’m sure at least two or three people bitched about going. Plus, taking pictures with a little child involved is always terrible. Still, I guess all that matters is the final result. It's certainly well put together, but is it classy or stupid?

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What Do You Think Of The Christmas Card?

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