Dreams of Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard having beautiful, Nordic-looking children appear to be hopeless. The couple who dated for more than two years apparently broke up some time ago, but my fellow gossip hunters and I never caught on. How such a high-profile duo could keep a split under wraps nowadays is as big a mystery as why this particular pair went their separate ways. I’d call Hercule Poirot, but as he told the victim in Murder On The Orient Express, he’s got more than enough money to satisfy both his needs and his caprices. Plus, he doesn’t really exist, kind of like a Bosworth and Skarsgard co-authored future.

According to US Weekly, a source saw Skarsgard flirting up a storm and then leaving with a random brunette at Comic Con. He’s said to be loving the attention. Bosworth, on the under hand, seems to be keeping a pretty low profile, but as this after-the-fact story proves, she’s more than capable of hiding her personal life when the situation requires.

That same source also revealed the break-up was mutual. That’s obviously a lie, but the term mutual break-up usually conveys some sort of amiability about the whole thing. That’s good. With only two years devoted to a relationship in which both parties are under forty, there shouldn’t really be massive heartache. If the juicy reasons behind the split are made public though, you can be sure we’ll pass them along to you. In the meantime, if you’re an attractive female looking to bed a True Blood star, now is probably a good time to pounce.

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