Kate Hudson is a mother for a second time. The former Oscar nominee and ex-wife of Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson started dating Muse head Matt Bellamy a little more than a year ago, and the couple announced their first pregnancy in January. Late last night, Hudson gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but as of press time, specifics such as height, weight and name have yet to be released about the little guy. His seven year old half-brother was christened Ryder; so, expect something outside the box but not necessarily celebrity crazy.

According to US Magazine, Hudson loves being pregnant and is very open to having more children. Seeing as how her future husband is in one of the more successful rock bands in the world, the actress certainly doesn't need to work again if she doesn't want to.

Let's just be honest here. The thirty-two year old Hudson is a serious MILF. She's regularly topped beautiful lists since she crushed more than a decade ago in Cameron Crowe's brilliant Almost Famous. Unfortunately for her, she may very well play second fiddle to her own mother. Goldie Hawn, an Academy Award winner and staple on Laugh-In, was obsessed over in her prime but later settled down after marrying star Kurt Russell.

So, all that begs the question, is new mother Kate Hudson more attractive than her own mommy was when she birthed the startlet thirty some years ago? Check out the photo album and then vote in the poll below…

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