Move over, Michael Jackson, you've got some unlikely company at the top. I Kissed A Girl hitmaker Katy Perry is poised to join the King Of Pop as the only musician ever to have five Billboard Hot 100 singles from the same album. The songstress' newest offering, “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”, already found its way to the top of the singles charts, meaning it's all but assured to end up at the peak on the Hot 100 by week's end.

Perry's previous four singles from Teenage Dream have been “California Gurls”, “Firework”, “E.T.” and “Teenage Dream”. Like “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”, all have received extensive airplay. One could easily see how any artist might rest on her laurels after tying Michael Jackson's one album hit record, but according to Rolling Stone, Perry may not even be done yet. Many expect the pop star to release either “Peacock” or “Not Like The Movies” in an attempt to dethrone MJ.

I have nothing against Katy Perry. I may not own any of her albums or listen to her songs on a regular basis, but if people are liking what she's offering, more power to her. I hope she sells a lot more records. That being said, there's something unnerving about Michael Jackson sharing and possibly losing his singles record to this woman. Who knows? Maybe she'll spend the next ten years eclipsing Madonna and transforming the music industry. Fingers crossed but until that moment, I'm still going to be uncomfortable thinking about the whole thing. I guess I'm too damn old. Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below and then scroll down to watch MJ's video for "Black Or White" and Katy Perry's for "Last Friday Night (TGIF)"...

Does Katy Perry Equaling Michael Jackson's Record Bother You?

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