CharityBuzz’s lots #291300 and #291301 are a little different from the items you’d expect from a charity auction, mostly because they come from a toy company. Mattel has gone out of its way to create two items to raise money for Project Angel Food, a charity that sends nutritious meals to those affected by AIDS, and cancer, among other life-threatening illnesses. Beginning Friday, Mattel and CharityBuzz began auctioning off two dolls that are a little more celebrity-oriented than your average special edition Barbie.

Singers Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are the latest edition to the Barbie catalogue. Don’t count on owning one of the dolls though: they are only on auction until December 19 and the price tag on each doll is currently running at over $1,000 dollars. If you do have the cash to shell out to charity, the dolls both come with some badass Barbie accessories. Katy Perry’s doll features blue hair, a cupcake dress and a fancy ice cream cone stage. Minaj’s doll looks freakishly like her Pink Friday album cover and features a killer pair of pink plastic shoes, handcrafted jewelry, and a stage with pink icicles jutting out everywhere.

The Katy Perry doll is currently beating out the bids on Minaj’s “Her Menajesty” doll by several hundred dollars. If you are a “Your Love” fan, you might be able to get quite the steal. Besides, since Barbie is all about disproportionate figures, the inclusion of Nicki Minaj seems a perfect choice. Too bad we didn’t get to see a Gaga Barbie doll, as well.

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