When famous couples get divorced at least somewhat amicably, they often release a statement together either vowing to raise the kids as a team or pledging to stay friends. As Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s relationship never produced any children, one would have expected the two to do the latter, but instead, he talked to the press and she remained silent. This breach in protocol prompted many to speculate his divorce filing was a sucker punch, but upon further review, there may have been other issues in play.

According to TMZ, sources close to the couple are saying she was well aware the paperwork was coming. In fact, she apparently even asked him to file because she didn’t want her religious parents to think she was the one who gave up on the union. That makes sense given her upbringing, and it also provides an alternative explanation for why they spent Christmas apart.

Rather than the blow-up fight most outlets were reporting, the new rumor going around is that neither wanted to be in town when the bomb dropped. As such, he went to London, and she went to Hawaii. That would explain why neither felt the need to put the ring back on after the first photographs emerged.

Whatever the real reason behind the divorce and his filing, Pop Blend reports the end of Perry and Brand’s marriage with some sadness. It never really had the best shot of working out, but they still did make sense together, at least briefly. Here’s to hoping their next marriages don’t end in court.

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