When my grandmother fell and broke a hip, she did it on the kitchen floor. When the increasingly aged Keith Richards suffers an old age falling injury, he does it in style. He fell out of a palm tree.

The Daily Mail reports that Keith was injured while on holiday in Fiji with his wife and close friends. Apparently, the hard living Rolling Stones guitarist thought it might be fun to drag his dusty old bones up a coconut tree. Up he went, until he hit the 15ft mark, where he slipped, fell, and conked his head. No word on whether he received secondary injuries from the coconuts that inevitably must have fallen down after him.

At last report, 62-year-old Keith was still in the Auckland hospital he was jetted to following the accident. He's undergoing plenty of fun prodding and poking, including a brain scan. For his sake, let's hope they don’t also slip in a drug test.

Right now the injury is being called a mild concussion, and is not considered serious. But Keith is a very old 62… actually I'd assumed he was 92. When you're that brittle things tend to break.

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