We all know Kendra Wilkinson as the funny, beautiful, and upbeat reality star who we first met as one of Hugh Hefner's blonde bombshell girlfriends on the E! show The Girls Next Door, but the 26-year-old says she doesn't want to be judged by her nude appearances in Playboy. Now a wife and mother to 21-month-old Hank Jr., Kendra says she wants to prove that even back during her wild Playboy days, she was focused on her future. "While I lived at the Mansion, I still had dreams of being a mother and being a wife and just being a regular woman," she said during a visit to The Today Show yesterday.

Since 2009, we've seen those dreams come true for Wilkinson. She shared her marriage to football star Hank Baskett and the birth of their son on her own reality show, Kendra. The fourth season of the E! hit premieres this Sunday at 11:00 PM EST, but that's not all Kendra has up her sleeve this week. Her second book, Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, And Getting My Sexy Back hits shelves today. Wilkinson has claimed that she holds nothing back in her latest foray into literary greatness, just as she did with her 2010 bestselling memoir Sliding Into Home, where she gave detailed accounts of her troubled teen years. It's hard to believe the now pulled together and bubbly Kendra was once a depressed, drug addicted stripper. Her new tome promises to be a bit more lighthearted, while still revealing the highs and lows of being a wife and mother in the spotlight. Check out an excerpt from Being Kendra below:

Hank and I had sex on the staircase today. Right there, flatout spontaneous sex with our clothes mostly still on. Steps digging into my back, the banister acting as a bedpost. It was quick and skillful. I don’t buy into that whole belief that married couples don’t have sex. Because today was proof that Hank and I still do!

Well, that sounds like fun. Of course, I will be reading this book. I'd call it a guilty pleasure, except I don't feel guilty because Kendra is awesome. Haters can talk all they want, but this is a girl who was going down a path few ever come back from, and now she gets to make a great living just being herself, hanging out with her husband and kid. She pulled herself out of the hole she had fallen into and I have respect for the woman. Also, she's hilarious. I mean, did you see that one Girls Next Door episode where she told Hefner that the Three Six Mafia masterpiece entitled "Slob On My Knob" was "their song"? I mean, how can you not love someone like that? Her sense of humor is why I will never stop rooting for her. I always got the sense that Kendra is in on the joke, you know? Like, she gets how ridiculous her life is, doesn't take it too seriously, and just goes with the flow. I love people like that.

You can view Kendra's full Today interview below.

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