It seems that Kevin Federline - (I’m not going to even acknowledge him as being enough of a human being to be worthy of a nickname) - has gone from scum of the earth, to the epitome of the offscouring of society; In simpler terms, vermin.

According to News of the World, Federline is pulling out all the stops for revenge on his soon to be ex-wife. They say Kevin threatened to sell the sex tape the two made while at a Beverly Hills Hotel during their honeymoon for $50 million, and reportedly has several prospective takers, including a company in Arizona. What’s even lower, is that he is shamelessly using it for no other reason than what sounds like blackmail. Their sources claim he is offering to sell her the tape in exchange for $30 million and custody of their sons.

I’m not the biggest Britney fan, personally, but even this is too despicable to justify doing to anyone. This is why you don’t make sex tapes, folks - or at the very least, make sure that you tape over it with the CBS news - because eventually, (if you're a celebrity) you will break up. Face it. The universe is notoriously an unfair fighter, and if you leave a sex tape lying around, you can guarantee that pretty soon, half of the United States Pervert Society will own a copy.

NewsOfTheWorld says that Kevin has set out to do anything it takes to get back at Britney; unfortunately for her, this is the only ammunition he has, and all he really needs to taint her "comeback". The same source says that the reason Britney left was Kevin’s overwhelming penchant for hookers, parties, and cocaine. The reason ‘Chaos’ was used as the title of their short-lived reality show is now crystal clear.

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