The strikingly tall and unusually intimidating Khloe Kardashian has bared it all for a new PETA campaign, and well, even with untold amounts of photoshopping, she’s still not as hot as Kim (or Kourtney). The twenty-four year old reality star and fashion entreprenour took to her blog to announce the spread, saying the “I’d Rather Go Naked” tagline was “pretty fitting considering that I’m not wearing much in the ad. LOL. Yes, laugh out loud, Khloe. You’re the first person ever to appear in a PETA billboard campaign under that tagline. Dumbass.

Still, I’ll be the first to admit this picture isn’t as offensive on the eyes as I might have expected. You know how average-looking girls always seem worse when they go out with hotter friends? Well, I think that is what has been happening with Khloe. Her sisters are scorchingly beautiful; so, she appears abnormally unattractive when in actuality she’s passable.

Either way, regardless of how I feel, it’s nice to see Khloe stand up for what she believes in.

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