Two yeas ago, Khloe Kardashian was involved in a curious dustup outside the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood. She and husband Lamar Odom were approached by a stranger named Chantal Spears. The transgendered woman told the Lakers forward he was too young to get married, which prompted an argument between Kardashian and Spears. If the latter’s story is to be believed, Khloe hit and shoved her before it was all over, causing a need for medical care and prolonged mental anguish. Police were later called to the scene, but no one was arrested or charged for the skirmish.

According to TMZ, Spears has decided to file a lawsuit over the incident. It’s unclear how much she wants or thinks she can get in damages, but typically, people don’t take celebrities to court over a few thousand dollars. Plus, given the mental anguish component of her allegations, the door has been left open for a claim beyond just documented medical bills.

This whole thing seems really fishy, but regardless of where the truth lies, it’s a good example of why it’s best for celebrities to just turn the other cheek. Is it a bit offensive for someone to walk up and tell your partner he’s too young to get married? Yes. Is retribution worth having to hire an attorney and go to court? Absolutely not.

We’ll keep you updated if this lawsuit ever makes its way to trial.

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