The highly anticipated remake of Fright Night is coming out this Friday, starring Anton Yelchin as a high school student who suspects his neighbor (Colin Farrell) is a vampire. Like the 1985 original, the film is a grisly but darkly comic take on vampires, but the new Kid Cudi video to go along with the movie is only focused on the dark side. Cudi's song "No One Believes Me" is featured on the movie's soundtrack, and the video features…you guessed it…vampires!

It looks like they've reused the sets for Fright Night, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially since the movie's director Craig Gillespie made the video too The upsetting aspect to this video though is how moody it is. We all know Cudi is known for his emotional lyricism and songs, and that’s why he is so unique, but with this video it is kind of throws me off. Take a look at the video below to see what I mean:

The video emphasizes low lighting and depressive angst, and while I understand why they'd want a more emotional look at being a vampire, it’s not necessarily working in the film's favor. This overlying dark mood makes it less enthralling and tougher to watch. To say the least, it’s not the best video I’ve seen from Kid Cudi though it’s not a sacrilegious effort from solo dolo. It’s just a depressing video about vampires.

After he kills himself at the end, most of you were probably thinking: “Why did he do that? Could he really be that depressed from being a vampire? Then why does Collin Farrell look like he's having a great time terrorizing people in this trailer?” The issue here is that when the rapper uses his angst in the right context, the effort can really work wonders on our emotions. Check out the appropriately depressing “Pursuit of Happiness” to see how this can be done right.

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