Australia actress Nicole Kidman has ruined her co-star Hugh Jackman's hunky image - after revealing he fainted on the first day of shooting the Baz Luhrmann epic.

Kidman stars opposite the X-Men actor in the World War II blockbuster set in the Aussie outback. In November (08), the pale actress admitted she had to be rushed to hospital after fainting on horseback while filming her scenes in the blistering heat.

And the Oscar winner confesses she wasn't the only one to struggle with the scorching temperatures - Jackman collapsed just hours after the cameras started rolling.

She tells Britain's The Independent newspaper, "Obviously, I'm very fair-skinned and that's not where I'm at ease (the outback). I remember sitting on a horse and thinking, 'Gosh, this is what you feel like before you faint,' and then I fainted."

"Hugh fainted too on the first day. He keeled over on his horse at a 45-degree angle." (MJ/WNBIN/ZN)

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