Val Kilmer was put off ever getting a tattoo by the thought of wearing the same dirty T-shirt forever. That's what one tattooed colleague likened his own skin art to when the actor approached him with his own tattoo thoughts.

Kilmer, who plays a heavily tattooed thug in new movie Felon, recalls, "When I was a kid, about 14, I worked in a warehouse and there was the guy who had a tattoo - a standard sort of hula girl lady thing that looked all nasty."

"I said, `What's that like? I'm thinking of getting a tattoo,' and he said, `Imagine waking up in the same T-shirt for 15 years.' "That sort of soured me because he was an ugly dude so I was picturing him waking up in the T-shirt. It still haunts me." (KL&RXM/WN/ZN)

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