As a man of science and a total jackass, I appreciate the necessity of proving useless factoids of information. There’s just no way to ever truly know without some sort of concrete proof. For example: is Kim Kardashian’s curvaceous backside real? I have no reason to speculate otherwise but until I see an x-ray, there will always be a shred of doubt in my mind. Good thing Kim’s sisters know there’s people out there like me.

Mrs. Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian took to her blog today to release photographic evidence of her sister’s all-natural rump. The picture in question shows Kim, slightly annoyed, pointing at an x-ray of her own rear end. Take a look at the evidence below…

I could play conspiracy theorist and continue wondering what-if, but quite honestly, I’d rather just believe it’s real and move on. Besides, the more important question, as I see it, is actually whether or not Kim’s junk is still the most famous rear end in the world. A year ago, this hardly would have been a debate, but with the emergence of Duchess Catherine’s sister Pippa, she may very well have been eclipsed. It seems you can’t go twenty minutes without someone referencing those full-figured wedding photos Pippa unleashed. Were those pictures just taken at the perfect angle, or is she a new contender to Kim Kardashian’s thrown? Take a look at the photo album below and then let us know what you think by voting in the poll.

Who Has The More Famous Butt?

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