Kim Kardashian has been around the media long enough to know quickie divorces aren’t often treated kindly in the press. She had to expect some level of anger when she ended her marriage to Kris Humphries after a laughable seventy-two days, but I doubt she envisioned quite so many conspiracy theories alleging the entire thing was an elaborate, money-making show. Still, the whispers have been ever present since the paperwork was filed, and the hoax rumor doesn’t look to be going away, especially after what her ex-publicist just said.

Jonathan Jaxson was hired by the reality star immediately after her sex tape dropped in 2007, and he continued to work with her until a dispute over money ended his tenure in 2009. That bitterness definitely doesn’t make him a credible source, but as he’s the closest person to Kardashian to allege the whole thing was staged, his words are getting some traction. According to The New York Post, Jaxson appeared on The Elvis Duran Morning Show and told the host he believed it was all an act because she’s never gotten over Reggie Bush.

He went on to compare the wedding to numerous carefully coordinated events he constructed while working with Kim, including one in which she and Bush went ring shopping. The media was tipped off to the event, and they later ran stories speculating about what the jewelry excursion meant.

Jonathan Jaxson clearly has an axe to grind with Kardashian. His issue with payment or lack thereof doesn’t seem to have ever been worked out, and as a result, he’s decided to betray his former client by revealing her secrets. That behavior is a little childish and dishonorable, but it doesn’t necessarily render his claim incorrect. I tend to think Kim secretly knew the marriage was a horrible idea but moved forward because she thought it was a good career move. That doesn’t mean she knew a divorce was coming, just that Kris may not have been the man of her dreams. Still, that’s purely speculation, just like the allegations of a man who stopped working for his client nearly two years before her wedding.

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