Kim Kardashian, and her two sisters, are (in my opinion, don’t sue me) stuck up, arrogant, privileged, and conceited. So Kim suing Old Navy over an advertisement that came out in FEBRUARY really comes as no surprise to me. The suit alleges that Old Navy used a Kim look-a-like in order to ‘dupe’ the public into thinking that Kardashian is partnered with my favorite clothing store. I’ll be honest here, other than having a giant-ass, Kim looks just like any other stuck up girl I went to high school with -- she’s completely generic looking.

TMZ had the story originally, and says that Kim believes this advertisement cost her around $20 million dollars. So, that’s how much you would have to pay Kim K to make a fake music video as part of an advertising campaign; not bad at all, am I right? Watch the video below, and see for yourself that this is just another starlet bitching and moaning over nothing.

In the video, there is not a moment where I think “Kim Kardashian”. It should be noted that I’m not a Kardashian expert; so if there are subtle inferences meant to look like something the prettiest Kardashian would do, I probably would not catch it. That being said, if the only thing Kim has against this advertisement is that Old Navy hired a beautiful brunette that likes to dance, she’s screwed. Now go back and make more money by doing absolutely nothing, Kardashian.

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