Kim Karashian’s recent wedding caused a dramatic rise in sales for her infamous pornographic home movie, but interested parties may not have long to watch the star in all her X-rated glory. An anonymous buyer has stepped forward offering rights holder Vivid Entertainment a large amount of money for control of the footage. No deal has been reached yet, but serious negotiations are under way.

Just who this mystery millionaire might be is currently a matter of fierce debate. The Kardashian family has declined comment, fueling speculation that Kim herself or new husband Kris Humphries might be behind the acquirement. To be perfectly honest, if there were a video people could buy online of my wife having sex with someone who wasn’t me, I’d probably do all I could to get the clip off the internet, but Kim Kardashian has long since had the money to do just that and hasn’t made a public move to do so.

The news of this potential transaction was made public yesterday by Nashville lawyer Adam Dread, who spoke to CNN. Thus far, he’s refused to give any details about his client, but the attorney was adamant that the person he represents, if successful, has no plans to ever make the footage available again.

What do you think? Is a Good Samaritan trying moralize Kim Kardashian? Is some creepy dude trying to horde Kim’s video for himself? Or is the reality star secretly behind the scheme? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Who Is Trying To Buy Kim's Sex Tape?

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