Yesterday, the venerable Mack Rawden wrote a story on Caleb Followill’s early departure from the Kings Of Leon gig he was playing with the rest of the Followill brothers in Dallas, presumably because of heat exhaustion. Apparently the rest of the brothers were none too pleased about their brother bailing out mid-show, heat exhaustion or not; and while internal problems may still exist, fans that felt cheated by the experience will now have a chance to see the band in a make-up show this September.

K-Hou reports the show will be rescheduled for September 22nd, and that all fans with a ticket to the ‘cancelled’ show will be able to attend the September show no problem. Fans that can’t make it to the make-up show are also more than welcome to return their tickets for a full refund.

It looks like the Kings of Leon are pushing all the right buttons here, but one has to wonder if it was more than heat that caused Caleb Followill to duck out of the show early. Hopefully for the band’s sake, and their fans, these brothers can figure it out before it’s too late. It would be a shame to lose a talented band to in-fighting, Texas heat, or alcohol, as the case may be.

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