A few nights back, Kings Of Leon lead singer Caleb Followill walked off stage. He told the crowd it was too hot and that he needed to vomit and drink a beer before returning. He never came back, leaving his brother Jared confused and forced to apologize on his behalf. The next day, the band cancelled the tour's following gig in Houston, and then they cancelled the entire American leg yesterday. Publicists have told the press the rest period was implemented so Caleb could recuperate and prepare his voice for future endeavors, but a new story, along with revealing bandmate Twitter comments, are calling into question that excuse.

According to US Magazine, Caleb's Kings Of Leon collaborators are trying to get the lead singer to enter a rehab facility. His binge drinking has caused headlines in the past, but the occasional indulgence and the level of habitual boozing that might cause an entire tour to be cancelled are horses of different colors. Here's what Jared Followill had to say on Twitter…
"There are internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be addressed. I know you guys aren't stupid. I can't lie. There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade."

Spoken like a family member who has truly reached the end of his patience. As of now, the tour is scheduled to pick back up in a few months, but if the rehab attempts are successful, it seems like those dates may be postponed as well. Kings of Leon have turned themselves into a major draw over the last half decade, and it would be a shame if the group imploded this early in its career. That's why rehab, while annoying for fans who had their dates cancelled, might really be the best long term call for getting these musicians unified and ready to make more albums.

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