Actress Kirsten Dunst is not one of your typical Hollywood troublemakers. Talented and quiet, there are few stories of debauchery concerning Peter Parker’s “MJ”, and for a long time only ended up in mention as the pretty-girl dating pretty-boy Jake Gyllenhall. The two have been estranged for a while now, and if spying eyes are seeing things correctly, Kirs is pulling a Paris and possibly jockeying for a position among the followed and photographed freaky fabulous.

Perhaps this is not a big deal, maybe it’s just a circumstance of double standard, but it does seem a bit trashy the way Dunst has been giving the green light to a bevy of boys, a long list of lovers; what’s shocking is that this is only a 2007 line-up! According to ‘PerezHilton’, Kirsten has been seen chilling with ‘The O.C.”’s Adam Brody, ‘Entourage’ star Adrien Grenier and Drew Barrymore's former filthy fling ‘The Strokes’ skin-slapper Fab Moretti.

But before you start doing the man-math, know that there’s also ‘SNL’ star and YouTube darling Andy Samberg, who she has been noted with before, and has recently seen with KD in a private VIP section during the latest NYC DKNY party, as the ‘New York Post’ reports.

Calls to Dunst reps have not been returned, which is surprising; seems like she’s returning a whole lot of calls lately. BR>

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