Kirsten Dunst speaks German at a child’s level, her father ist von Deutschland, and she loves Berlin. Apparently, that’s enough of a prerequisite to gain German citizenship. In between shooting random indies that people hate – last year’s All Good Things - and random indies people love – this year’s Lars von Trier directed Melancholia – Kirsten Dunst has become a German citizen.

The actress, who is now referring to herself as a “real international lady” isn’t skipping out on the good ‘ol U.S.A, however. Instead, her now-dual citizenship in Germany and the U.S. will allow her to connect with relatives in Hamburg, as well as allow her to film in Europe without having any issues. It’s a smart move for a starlet who spends plenty of time shooting overseas.

Dunst’s new citizenship is not all tactical, however. According to an interview in the German tabloid B.Z., Dunst would love to start filming movies in Germany. Well, at least one movie.
"It would be the greatest joy for me to act in a German film.

As far as I’m concerned, the actress can do whatever she wants, as long as she doesn’t force a movie like All Good Things down my throat again. Of course, who sees a failure of that epic a proportion coming? It had Ryan Gosling for chissakes!

You can catch some more quotes from Dunst’s interview over at People. For the record, the actress is next set to play Camille in On the Road, a very American film.

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