One of the Dancing with the Stars contenders without the mirror ball trophy last Tuesday night still walked away a winner. Kirstie Alley, the actress most recently known for her TV show Fat Actress confessed to USA Today that she has dropped from a size 12 to a size 6 because of dancing. She did admit however, she's a "stretchy size 6."

The best proof of her weight loss was when Kirstie took the dance floor in the same dress she wore in the very first episode. "They really had to take it in," she said. "The great thing is, I can wear all the dresses from when I was really, really skinny." The weight loss also impacted her performance, as judges complimented her for gaining speed since the beginning of the competition.

But Kirstie Alley claims "I have more work to do." She intends on keeping up with her organic diet and excise, this time adding a little more spring to her step. "And I'll keep dancing. But only Latin dances."

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