In the realm of wild and awesome celebrity gifts, this year Kristen Stewart takes the cake. Which is really saying something considering the Biebs bought his best childhood buddy a Mustang for Christmas, and countless others, including Matthew McConaughey and Steven Tyler’s girlfriends, got engagement bands. The reason Stewart’s gift to her boyfriend Robert Pattinson is so much better is because it required planning, listening, and a little outside-the-box thinking (I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt he didn’t specifically ask for the gifts he got).

Just a few days before Christmas, Stewart traveled to Norman’s Rare Guitar Shop in Tarzana, California to check out some possible gifts for her apparently prolific-in-music boyfriend. She went with her father, John Stewart, and the two spent some time with the staff, discussing various guitars for purchase. According to US Weekly, Stewart ended up dropping $12,000 on two instruments, a 1947 K&F Lap Steel and a 1959 Fender Jazzmaster.

Pattinson reportedly visits Norman’s Rare Guitar Shop often, so Stewart was smart to head to them for some advice and support. It’s a good girlfriend who buys her man something he has really been wanting and will put to good use. It’s also super cute that she values her dad enough to bring him along for advice. I hate to say this, because the combined paleness of the Twilight co-stars really freaks me out, but they seem to be making a pretty good team.

Besides, I’m just very happy she’s putting her exorbitant Twilight salary to good use.

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