A little more than two months ago, Kristin Cavallari was searching for a wedding dress and packing her bags to move to Chicago. She and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had already selected a venue for their spring wedding, and many residents of the Windy City were openly discussing how long they thought the union would last. Then it all imploded. She was spotted out and about sans wedding ring, and rumors started to circulate that he unceremoniously dumped her over the phone. That prompted me to ask Pop Blend readers whether Jay Cutler was a jerk. Fifty-two percent responded in the affirmative, and I moved on, expecting never to discuss this couple again. Turns out I may have written them off too quickly. Never bet against the backslide.

For the past few days, the pair have been practically making out on Twitter. He’s been encouraging his followers to vote for her on Dancing With The Stars, and she’s been passing along pictures of herself in a Bears Sweater. I don’t know what more proof one could need, but in case you’re a skeptic, People is also reporting Cutler and Cavallari are back on. They don’t seem to have started making calls to see if the wedding location is still available, but a few more weeks of blissful togetherness, or non-togetherness in their case, might push them to that point. Sometimes all it takes is an extended absence to resolve trivial disagreements.

If this is what it takes for the Bears to get back on track, I’m all for it. The offense was bleeding weak sauce on Sunday. Maybe some stability will help right the ship. I’m all for professional athletes finding happiness, especially if that bliss adds tallies to the W column.

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