Cue the outrage. Former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari wants to trim down a bit in preparation for her forthcoming wedding next spring. The petite blonde has long been noted for her thin physique, but the status quo apparently just isn’t good enough for her big day. She wants to look her best when she recites her vows to Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler, and in order to do that, she feels she needs to cut down on alcohol and ramp up her workout routine.

Speaking to People Magazine, the twenty-four year old reality star said, “I'll probably keep up my regular gym routine for the coming months ... until spring. And then probably two months before I'll go at it harder." Cavallari has been very open in the past about gaining weight during her relationship with Cutler, though it’s hard to imagine anyone other than her could tell.

Certain pockets of the internet are already ablaze with anger over such a thin woman feeling as if she needs to lose weight for her wedding, but honestly, the most important thing for any girl during her nuptials is that she’s happy with herself. If Kristin Cavallari wants to lose a few pounds specifically for the wedding, I see no harm in that. Her droping three pounds is no different than another woman wanting to lose ten. It’s all about looking your personal best, whether that’s moving from one hundred and twenty-three pounds to one hundred and twenty pounds or three hundred and forty pounds to three hundred and twenty pounds. Every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day, at least if she thinks so.

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