It’s a personal pleasure of mine to tell my readers about music that is worthwhile especially when new albums come out. Though there are an abundant amount of bands that produce unique music each week, some just don’t quite produce the level of creativity fans and I would expect. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any good music on the airwaves, because there is, it just means it’s harder to find. Most artists set out to make great songs, but not all of them succeed.

This week sees the cast of Glee coming out with their first motion picture soundtrack to Glee The 3D Concert Movie. Most gleesters and Sue Sylvester addicts might be excited for this, but I could not be less impressed with their showtune travesties. The diabolical trend of metalcore is continuing its presence with Trivium’s latest effort In Waves, while Neil Young’s Live on The Air/The Lost Tapes is being released when we need it most. This week will also see Kanye West and Jay-Z come out with their highly anticipated collaborative debut Watch the Throne, but you already knew that. Here’s this week’s releases:

LP Release Tuesday
5) Trivium In Waves

What can be said about the Metalcore genre that I already haven’t pushed down your throat? It’s a style of music that can seriously give me seizures if listened to it enough. It’s like the hard-core punk groups and the metal genre had a demon child and then that demon child conceived the anti-Christ. Metalcore, among shake weights, the two party political system, LOST, Glenn Beck, physics, calculus and Kanye West are all a part of the long list of things I could never possibly understand.

Today, Trivium’s In Waves drops like a falling brick on the heads of music fans everywhere. Nothing speaks schlock like the group who uses non sequiturs and indecipherable lyrics to convey no real ideas. It’s like Trivium are trying to create music worse than our failing economy. The album is receiving mixed reviews from other music critics, but I doubt they adhere to the same stance I have. With songs like “Inception of the End” and “Chaos Reigns,” there is no other song title nor album cover that reminds me of the chaos this genre and its subsequent bands release onto listeners. Instead of S&P downgrading America to an AA+ country, they should drop Metalcore and all it’s constituents to an F. Just saying…

LP Release Tuesday
4) Various Artists Now That's What I Call Music! 39

They’re still making these albums? What the hell? The Now That’s What I Call Music! album series has been around for almost thirteen years and it’s obvious through sales and popularity that it won’t end anytime soon. Featuring famous artists from Cee Lo Green and the Gorillaz to Eminem and Dave Matthews Band, this “mix” CD series is a travesty to audiences. I think it says a lot about our day and age when we have multiple advantages over our parents and grandparent including the internet, MTV, Fuse and multiple news sources and still nobody seems interested to find new music that’s worthwhile.

I understand why the UK started this series in 1987, a time when the information was limited, but since 1998 America has used this trite scheme for profit on lazy people who aren’t interested in finding music themselves. Though I hope you would listen to my opinions instead of their's, Now seems to give the majority a bad taste in music. Nonetheless, America can now look forward to Now 39. This latest installment brings the likes of: Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Britney Spears, Pitbull, Bruno Jones, Lupe Fiasco, Blake Shelton, Katy Perry and Chiddy Bang to the table. It’s quite obvious what type of audience they’re selling this towards. What’s worse than the failed demographic Now is catered towards is the fact that they used to have groups like Gorillaz, Radiohead, Lenny Kravitz, Sublime and Fatboy Slime lining the bill. Was the music produced thirteen years ago really that good, or are bands just getting less creative and more bland? Who knows…

LP Release Tuesday
3) Glee Glee The 3D Concert Movie

Is it really possible that Glee is making a movie? What’s even more startling is that Jane Lynch, who plays the outrageous Sue Sylvester and is undoubtedly the best part of that show, will not be in the movie. Blasphemy. It’s one thing to cash in on all the gleefully willing people who watch this show’s mockery of famous hits, but it’s another to not cast the best part of your show in the debut motion picture it’s based on. I guess you can add this onto the list of travesties I don’t understand.

To be perfectly honest after that news, I really have nothing nice to say about this soundtrack to the motion picture film. I’m a firm believer in “actions speak louder than words,” and this next factoid takes the cake for my dislike of the show. Glee creator Ryan Murphy was unhappy with the decision of respectable artists like Slash, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters who declined to let him use their music on the show. According to E news, Murphy verbally attacked the artists, saying they are making a poor decision by not allowing their music on his show. Now if that doesn’t speak volumes about the show runner and his progeny, I don’t know what does. It’s obvious he cares less about music than anything else on this planet. So why should we believe that his callous sense of humanity won’t bleed into the utterly distasteful film and motion picture soundtrack it’s based off?

LP Release Tuesday
2) Neil Young Live on The Air/The Lost Tapes

Finally, this is an album that is completely worthwhile. I might not be a fan of remakes, reissues (only under the right circumstances), or releasing “unheard mixes and B-sides,” but with a catalog as large as Neil Young, I am happy with this latest release for his fans spanning multiple generations. Live on The Air/The Lost Tapes will provide audiences with six live on air performances; all recorded live in the UK. It will also include a performance from 1991 that has never been released before.

This release will only be sold by Amazon and is in a CD format only as well. Even though this release might be better than most, considering the others this week, The Lost Tapes still has its issues. The album doesn’t specify where the recordings took place and it doesn’t provide whether it was recorded in a radio station, studio, or if it was a bootleg from an audience member. I might not buy this LP, but I can assure you that my money will go towards a release from Neil Young over any other metalcore or Glee album to date. Did I forget to mention Now 39?

LP Release Tuesday
1) Kanye West & Jay-Z Watch the Throne

Kanye West has suffered seriously from a bad reputation, but the man doesn’t help this at all. From saying Bush hates black people to comparing himself to Hitler, there are a hundred other instances that provide proof to this claim, but he’s still famous. I believe this can be attributed to him doing it on purpose. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but the guy is most famous for his egotistical persona, and though he might actually be this way, Kanye is still a multimillionaire. That has to show for something, right?

Even though he is a lunatic in some cases, most of the reasons why he keeps adding zeros to his paycheck are because of his unbridled talent and creativity. He would have never been recognized though without his partner in crime, the equally egotistic Jay-Z. They have been working with each other in one form or another for years and as I pointed out in my editorial on their five best songs together, they’ve had a prolific career. Now Yeezy and Hov have put both their talents together for their debut album Watch the Throne. The two rappers are a serious force to reckon with and they will be around for a long time whether we buy the album or not.

Despite the Kanye and Z release this week, the other records coming out bring my lack of faith in the music industry to an all time high. Sure, Hollywood might be in front of the race for lacking creativity, but it’s the music industry that produces the highest quantity of schlock every week. Now needs to stop making these records for the love of humanity, and if they don’t stop these travesties now, at least start putting worthier artists on their records. I could go on and on, but now I need to buy a Glee motion picture record and burn it. Till next week.

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