Lady Gaga and her longtime creative director Laurieann Gibson have parted ways. The two women’s relationship, once considered one of music’s best partnerships, has systematically devolved over the past year thanks to tensions over music videos and Gibson’s public behavior. The friction apparently hit its crescendo recently with a “bitter fight” over egos, and the collaboration was severed, seemingly for good.

According to Media Takeout, it was a recent interview to the LA Times that proved to be the final straw. Gibson took credit for making Lady Gaga and crafting her in Madonna’s image. The comparison is one the pop star has continually distanced herself from, and that, coupled with her creative director’s claims of making her, was enough to turn a heated phone conversation into a shouting match. Gibson reportedly threatened to sue, I’m not sure over what, and then hung up the phone.

The shake-up was confirmed by Gaga’s rep to The Hollywood Reporter and reiterated by Gaga via Twitter. Richard Jackson will serve as her new choreographer and creative director, which ideally, should provide a much more stable work environment.

First Tiger Woods and Steve Jones, now Gaga and Laurieann Gibson. Collaborating in a high profile capacity provides its own set of interesting and unique challenges, and unfortunately, those issues were clearly evident over the past year. Gaga’s video for “Judas” famously required numerous compromises between the pair, and the original clip for “Edge Of Glory” was shelved after a dust up, much to the chagrin of the Little Monsters who didn’t get the new low budget format.

No word on how this might impact Gibson’s reality show Dance Scene, but I can’t imagine it will help.

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