The Clinton Foundation celebrated its tenth anniversary with a benefit concert last night, and the big names turned out in force. Not surprisingly, in a room filled with everyone from our current Secretary of State to Jason Segel, Lady Gaga grabbed most of the attention, sporting a blonde wig and red lipstick to channel deceased starlet Marilyn Monroe. She begged Clinton himself to come down from the crowd and accompany her on saxophone, but he politely rebuffed the advance in favor of watching alongside his wife and daughter. Gaga later admitted she always wanted to invoke Monroe’s famous serenade of President John F Kennedy and was more than pleased to have gotten her chance.

Former President Bill Clinton’s charity raises money to fight disease and protect the environment. He started it shortly after leaving the White House, and ever since, Slick Willy has been calling on Hollywood to help. In addition to Gaga, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Bono, Edge, Kenny Chesney and several others took the stage for the concert dubbed A Decade of Difference. According to Fox News, tickets for the event ranged from fifty to five hundred and fifty dollars with the vast majority of the proceeds earmarked for the foundation’s continued charity efforts.

Last night’s festivities at the Hollywood Bowl can be viewed on the official Clinton Foundation website. If you were unable to attend but still wish to support the cause, there’s a link on the main page that tells you how you can help out. Regardless of what you thought of him as President, Clinton remains an engaging personality and an excellent fundraiser. He’s partnered with his former political rival President George H.W. Bush on many occasions to help out causes, and at only sixty-five years old, he should remain a force of good for a lot of years to come.

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