Last night, ABC aired A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, an utterly bizarre special in which the pop star talked family, turkey and weird experiences. Foremost among the strange revelations was a recent encounter the singer had with Tony Bennett. Apparently, Lady Gaga posed nude for him so he could draw her for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair.

Not quite as random a moment as it might seem, Bennett and Gaga recently collaborated on a cover of “The Lady Is A Tramp” for his upcoming Duets II LP. Music is what brought them together, but as for how she ended up without her clothes, I’m not she quite understands it either. Here’s what the Gags had to say about showing the famed musician her little monster…
"I walked in and said, 'Well, Tony, here we are,' and I dropped my robe and I got into position. I felt shy and thought 'It’s Tony Bennett, why am I naked?’"

Tony Bennett is best known to most people as a musician, but the multi-platinum recording artist has also found great success as a painter. His work can be seen in museums all over the world, including at the Smithsonian and National Arts Club, which is why this whole deal is less creepy than it might seem.

No word on how explicit or tasteful the final product might be, but you can check out the issue of Vanity Fair to judge for yourself.

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