It's one thing to get sued for your own behavior, but it's quite another to get sued for the behavior of someone you're employing. That latter predicament is exactly what Lady Gaga is facing after Rebecca Francescatti filed a motion accusing the pop star's song “Judas” of being a rip-off of her 1999 effort “Juda”. While the plaintiff and defendant don't seem to have ever come in contact with each other, the specifics of how this might have happened actually make logical sense. Back in the day, Francescatti played regularly with a bassist named Brian Gaynor who later left to work for a songwriting company. Gaga commissioned that company to write or co-write seventeen songs from her mega-selling Born This Way album. One of those tracks was “Judas” and now Gaga either has the choice to settle or wind up in court.

According to TMZ, Francescatti's lawyer has yet to divulge what his client is asking for monetarily; however, he did infer she wants a songwriting credit on the track. That might seem like a petty charge, but that written by alteration would likely net a hefty sum in the years to come. Go ahead and listen to the clips in question from the two songs below…

As Rebecca's lawyer pointed out in his statement to the media, the melodies of the two choruses are obviously similar and there's the whole name thing, but as accused rip-offs go, I've definitely heard far worse. I'm not sure whether Lady Gaga will choose to fight this out, but if she does, there's no telling who might win.

I get that there's a lot of money involved which inspired this lawsuit, but “Judas” is easily the biggest piece of shit Lady Gaga has ever touched. It's horrible in every conceivable way from its awful music video to its unlistenable first thirty seconds. I wish she could go back in time and call in sick the day it was recorded. Right about now, she probably feels the same way.

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