By now, even those who didn't watch the MTV Video Music Awards are probably aware that Lady Gaga showed up as Jo Calderone, her foul-mouthed male alter ego. Reception has been pretty well split with just as many praising the drag show as calling it stupid and/ or borderline offensive. I wonder what wrinkle this new detail will add to the equation.

US Weekly is alleging Lady Gaga actually wore a fake penis underneath her outfit. It's already been widely reported that the pop star used the male bathrooms all night, but this even stranger development pushes the whole thing well into the downright weird. I'm pretty sure most celebrities have pretty much anything at their disposals, but a fake penis isn't something a member (pun intended) of the entourage just has hanging out in a drawer. You would need to go to a store, look at samples and pick one out. Can you even imagine the strange mentally taxing debate one must have when deciding whether or not a fake small or large penis would be more appropriate to wear underneath an outfit?

Actors and musicians are well known for getting into character and trying to make performances as authentic as possible. Maybe the penis really helped Gaga channel a man. I don't get it, but I'm willing to consider that possibility. What do you think? Was the fake penis a sign of Gaga's absolute commitment or was it just unnecessary and creepy? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

What Do You Think Of Lady Gaga's Fake Penis?

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