Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is known for its eclectic ensemble of artists. With the Roots showcasing their jazz-rap stylings for audiences week after week as the program's official in-house band, it only makes sense Fallon holds a standard of showcasing only amazing musicians. This week he had Bon Iver perform a song from his new album Bon Iver. The song is called “Holocene” and can be watched below:

Justin Vernon who encompasses the aforementioned band Bon Iver makes a moving song out of horns, a soft guitar, and a graceful voice. His whimsical music creates a picture in time of love and happiness that most artists don’t achieve. Even drummer ?uestlove understands the talent this musician holds. The Roots band member took to his twitter last night to comment on Vernon’s performance: “"Holocene" might be the most beautiful moment on @latenightjimmy. i think i just grew some wings. @BonIver.” That tweet means spades as far as Iver’s credibility, because the drummer knows good music.

Another artist that was featured this week on Fallon, and who is also coming out with a new album called Alpocalypse, is Weird Al Yankovic. During this web exclusive, the comedian shows off his jamming skills with The Roots in this awesome video of an up-beat polka song. Check out “Beer Barrel Polka” below:

Those faces that Weird Al makes during his performance are priceless. Not only has the musician kept his goofy sense of humor over the years, he’s honestly better than ever. This is one person who can’t make bad music, because as the world evolves so does he. I look forward to hearing his album in full. All in all though, Jimmy Fallon made a great decision in having these artists on this week, and I'm sure he'll continue to have the leading creative artists on his show for years to come.

Also, to see more of Bon Iver working his magic, check out his appearance on the Colbert Report compliments of Consequence of Sound.

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