Former Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad and current Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough have decided to go their separate ways. The couple began casually dating after her split from longtime boyfriend Kyle Howard, but apparently, it never got serious enough to last.

The split was announced by Life & Style, and the publication cited three separate sources close to the pair, all of whom made it clear how little either had invested in the relationship. Given the awful track record of rebound hook-ups, the news shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, least of all the couple, but considering they were pretty cute together, I suppose the parting is still noteworthy.

The only real question is whether Conrad even saw this as a relationship to begin with. One source argued she always kept her options open, which either means she was seeing other people throughout the couple’s time together or she was on the lookout for other people during their time together. The statement reminds me a bit of John Cusack getting dumped after admitting to his fiancé he’d occasionally thought about other women in High Fidelity.

Considering very little seems to have been ventured, we’ll save the it’ll get better talk for a more deserving pair, but Pop Blend still will send out its best wishes to both Lauren and Derek as they explore new career opportunities and find different people. With a remarkably high combined hotness quota, neither should have too much trouble with the latter.

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