Move over, Sharon Stone. There’s a new washed-up broad with illogical, unpopular opinions in town.

Formerly famous model Lauren Hutton, probably best known for her role in American Gigolo, opened up about Sex And The City, criticizing its portrayal of slutty woman and blaming it all on those damn gay writers. That’s right because if there’s one thing gay guys care about, it’s finding loose and easy women.

According to Perez Hilton, Hutton later opened up and admitted she’d never seen a single episode of Sex And The City. God, I love self-righteous hypocrites. Someone ask her the best way to burn books. I’m pretty sure she probably knows a few good ways.

Here’s a transcript of her little hissy fit: "It's written by guys, who happen to be gay, who are sluts. That's what I think. Let's face it most men are sluts. That's what testosterone is supposed to do. As a hunter, if you stayed alive after 30, nature wanted your genes out there. Women were just trying to get the best sperm to make a masterpiece. You have a bunch a guys who are sluts, writing for women and telling them they are supposed to act like this."

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