Lil Wayne can’t seem to catch a break these days. He was just released after serving some jail time for gun possession “but bro, it wasn’t loaded!”. It appears that the struggles will only continue as he has been smacked with a huge lawsuit from a production company that claims he ripped off a song they created in 2009.

Reuters has the story on Done Deal Enterprises, a company based in Georgia, who is trying to get some money out of Lil Wayne for copyright infringement. All the details haven't yet been released to the public, so I can’t tell if there’s any reason that Lil Wayne would have heard the song they’re saying he allegedly copied, which would be key to their lawsuit’s success. Your product has to either be “common knowledge” (the legal term is slightly different, I’m not a lawyer, obviously) or you have to prove that the “copier” has experienced your product. That’s why there are four different Snuggie products that all came out around the “same time” -- but why I can’t write the Godfather in my basement even if I’ve never seen it before.

Lil Wayne is supposed to show up in court in October, so we’ll see how this whole thing shakes out. The Wayne song in question is "BedRock" and features artists Drake, Nick Minaj, and Lloyd; none of whom were named as defendants in the lawsuit. On the other hand, both Universal Music Group and Cash Money Records were named in the legal action by Done Deal.

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