Linda Hogan stopped by The Today Show this morning to outline some of the shadier allegations she makes in her forthcoming book Wrestling The Hulk: My Life Against The Ropes. From choking to pounding walls, the Hulkster’s wife claims she existed in constant fear for her life, never knowing when one of his rages might go too far.

When asked by host Matt Lauer why she never reported his behavior to the police, Linda said she was worried about what it might do to their livelihood since the couple’s children were still very young. That may be so, but offering up allegations as serious as these without any proof years after the fact can hardly be considered the picture of credibility. Maybe it’s because I’m biased after growing up as a Hulkamaniac or maybe it’s because I’ve been around this memoir game enough to know tranquility never sells copies. Either way, I, personally, think no less of Hulk Hogan after these allegations, but plenty of other people have started crying foul. Let’s look at the facts both for and against her accusations.

Hulk and Linda were married for nearly twenty-five years (point Hulk). During those two plus decades, they raised two children, had their own reality show and seemed to get along fairly well from an outside point of view (3 points Hulk). During his work as a professional wrestler, Hulk has admitted to having used steroids on a regular basis, which are known to alter moods and sometimes trigger violent outbursts (point Linda). In 2007, she discovered he had been having an affair and filed for divorce (2 points Linda). He reportedly got so depressed he contemplated suicide (no points for anyone), and she began dating a nineteen year old who went to high school with her kids (point Hulk). Now, we’re here with these allegations and a nation of Hulkamaniacs are wondering if it’s still okay to like their idol.

Marriage is a long and difficult road. There’s never any excuse for violence or aggression, but it’s nearly impossible to go twenty-some years without heated words being exchanges and perhaps the occasional pounding on a door. I sincerely hope these two drop the hostilities and start spending their energies trying to better their own post-marriage lives.

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