There tends to be few things more damning and clarifying than a positive drug or alcohol test, but the truth is sometimes there are actually reasonable explanations for getting a red flag on a urine test. Perhaps the best example of this unfortunate mishap is the poppy seed bagel, and it was played for wonderful comedic effect on Seinfeld after Elaine tested positive for heroin thanks to her favorite snack. Recently, many agencies have upped the minimum requirement in order to help weed out these poppy-induced false positives, but there remains many other substances that can potentially get you in trouble. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

The troubled actress was back in court yesterday thanks to alcohol showing up on her controlled substances test, but now the socialite is pointing the finger at her favorite tea to explain away the positive result. Apparently, Lohan is very fond of kombucha, a beverage that, according to TMZ, contains .05% booze. She was drinking it on a regular basis and had no idea it would affect her urine sample.

There are a lot of reasons why someone might call bullshit on this excuse, but there’s one even more powerful piece of evidence not to. The Los Angeles judge presiding over Lohan’s case ruled she never should have been sent to court to begin with because she’s legally allowed to consume alcohol. Despite her two driving under the influence convictions, she, like almost anyone else, is legally allowed to down adult drinks. Outside of public opinion pressures, there’s really no reason for her to lie.

Wherever the truth lies, I think I speak for most people when I say I hope Lindsay Lohan’s house arrest ends without further controversy. She may not be Elizabeth Taylor, but she’s enjoyable enough on screen for me to hope she continues working.

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