Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was back in front of a judge this morning after testing positive for alcohol on her most recent court ordered evaluation. The inebriated sample in question was reportedly submitted on June 13th, but luckily for the Mean Girls star, she'll apparently receive no further punishment. At least that's what a Los Angeles judge ruled after deciding her testing window had actually expired near the end of February. That rendered the most recent test meaningless. Plus, even though Lohan has twice been convicted of driving while under the influence, the language of the original ruling forbid her from using controlled substances only. Alcohol can be called a lot of things, but its wide availability definitely does not make it a controlled substance.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the court may not have imposed any more penalties, but it did take a few minutes to chastise Lindsay Lohan for her recent behavior. She's thrown numerous rooftop parties, well within the greedy view of cameras, almost as if mocking the entire concept of house arrest.

You can only play with fire for so long before you get burned. Lindsay Lohan may not have technically done anything wrong with her recent boozing, but I'd hardly call the people willingly getting drunk with her during her confinement good friends. At some point, you have to grow up. Either you work in order to pay for partying, or you party now and again to take a break from working. She'd probably agree with me that one of those options is sad and pathetic; I'm just not sure we'd be in agreement on which option.

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