When news broke last month that poor, legally challenged Lindsay Lohan would be posing for Playboy, it didn't take long for word to get out that she'd once again be channeling Marilyn Monroe for the photo shoot. Now the cover of the upcoming January/February issue has leaked, and while Lohan isn't channeling Monroe or anybody else in particular, she definitely has a certain old Hollywood glamour to it. Check out the image via Perez Hilton below.

Obviously the cover isn't where you're going to see the nudity or even anything all that scandalous-- they save that for the paying customers inside. And obviously Lohan has been airbrushed and made up to look completely different than she did in that endlessly photographed series of court appearances. But no mater how fake it all is, it's just good to see Lohan looking even slightly good again-- yes, even when hitting bottom and posing for Playboy presumably just for the cash.

It might be tough to see high-res images of the actual photos inside the magazine online, but we'll probably be seeing a better look at the cover very soon. What do you guys think-- is this a better and healthier looking Lohan than you possibly could have hoped for? Or is it all just still sad?

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