When Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to jail time last week, the judge agreed to delay her sentence slightly so she could get her affairs in order. The troubled actress owed Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner a second round of nude photos for an upcoming issue and both his readers and her wallet had a vested interest in getting them completed prior to her stay in the big house. Of course, the sentenced ended up clocking in at a laughable five hours thanks to California’s massive overcrowding of incarcerated inmates, but by the time she put on the jumpsuit, the pictures were completed.

That’s good news for horny observers who aren’t good at waiting. The photographs will reportedly run in the January/ February issue which will hit newsstands in December. Both representative for Playboy and Lohan confirmed to People that an exhaustive interview will be involved, but as for how much the pictures themselves will show, that’s still a matter of debate.

Hef has publicly called the finished products “classy” and an homage to Marilyn Monroe, but early rumors indicated the starlet’s nearly one million dollar fee required full frontal. Playboy’s full frontal isn’t exactly the same as Hustler’s, but it would still be noteworthy if the actress went there. I think it’s unlikely, but I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Expect her issue to far outsell the average Playboy magazine.

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