Lindsay Lohan must hire someone to organize her life, like some PR grad out of UCLA, or Pepper Potts; because it is becoming infinitely clear that she can not take care of herself. Her latest legal trouble comes at the hand of a photographer who she allegedly did not pay for promotional photos he took for her 6126 fashion line in April of 2010. The case was settled in December of the same year for an undisclosed amount of money.

While that was unfortunate, the problem should now be solved, correct? Well, maybe not. The photographer has dragged the case back to court because he claims he has still not received any payment from the troubled starlet, this according to TMZ.

Lohan’s people won’t comment on the latest development, but this just adds another log to the bonfire that is the actress’ career and personal life. If Tony Stark ever gets his act together, or if Pepper Potts has a sister (or brother, we don’t discriminate at Cinema Blend), perhaps Lindsay should consider making a phone call.

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