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Lindsay Lohan is about to bust out of rehab, and when she does, the actress actually has a full docket of events. Beyond all the previously announced publicity for The Canyons, she’s booked a gig filling in for Chelsea Handler on the comedienne’s popular talk show Chelsea Lately. Given her history of hosting Saturday Night Live and her extensive experience being interviewed, she should more than hold her own as a fill-in. The special event will take place on August 5, as per E! Online, and at least on the surface, its mere presence seems to answer something observers have wondered about for months: will Lohan actually get work following her latest stint in rehab?

Hollywood has always been a place for second chances. Hell, it’s always been a place for third chances. Robert Downey Jr was once considered unemployable, and he’s now the highest paid actor in the world. If the studios can make a buck off a star, they’re always willing to lend a helping hand. Lohan, however, is a bit of a special case. She might be otherworldly famous, but she hasn’t actually generated money for many people in a long time. Her recent movies have been flops, and you have to go back almost an entire decade before you can find a hit almost everyone agrees is good.

As such, it was a widely debated question as to whether anyone would hire Lohan. In fact, Oprah Winfrey decided to plan an entire upcoming reality series about whether or not Lohan could find her way back on the horse. Some thought she would get there eventually, but between that gig, and the Canyons coming out and this Chelsea Lately deal, it seems like the question is already being answered.

Just because it’s answered, however, doesn’t mean the correct conclusion was necessarily reached. After all, just because Lohan is getting another chance doesn’t mean she’s really worth it. On the one hand, she definitely is a talented actor who brings a lot to the table. She’s a big name, and she’s capable of turning in above average performances. On the other hand, she’s been in rehab numerous times. She’s been accused of stealing, accused of continually being late or no-showing engagements, and bad news tends to follow wherever she goes. Add that to her long streak of unprofitability, and it seems like people hiring her may be taking a big stupid risk.

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Is Lindsay Lohan Worth Giving Another Chance To?

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