Westboro Baptist Church, the haters of gay rights, military funerals, and just about everything else, protested outside Lisa Lampanelli's show in Topeka, KS, yesterday to the surprise of no one. But the meaning behind their standard picketing parade was about to get challenged by the Queen of Mean.

TMZ broke the story of comedian Lisa Lampanelli's decision to turn their rally of hate to a rally of support for a cause close to both Westboro's and Lampanelli's hearts: gay rights. Mrs. Lampanelli pledged to donate a $1,000 for every hardened member of the Westboro group present outside of her show. After her announcement, an additional 24 members of Westboro joined the original gang of 20, bringing up the royal sum of donations to $44,000. All donations were pledged to the Gay Men's Health Crisis, the oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care provider in the nation. Lampanelli declared it a victory, and led a large group of fans into a cheer: "We're Queer/ We're Here!"

As Lampanelli told TMZ, "It's gonna be hilarious to write out the checks to the GMHC and have them send thank you notes to the WBC for their 'generous contributions.' I'd love to see their inbred faces when they open those thank you notes! Hopefully their jaws will drop so fast that their three remaining teeth and cro-magnon foreheads will plummet to the floor."

Who knew Westboro Baptist were so supportive of gay rights after all?

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