There are few things more simultaneously cute and irritating than couples still in the honeymoon phase. Married just under a month, Twilight star Nikki Reed and former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald very much fall into that lovey-dovey, overly enthusiastic window, but rather than alienating friends through inside jokes and PDA, they’ve harnessed that affection into a very relatable song.

The track is called “Now That I Found You”, and it was co-written by Reed and McDonald. He handled the music, she penned the words, and the couple recorded it over the weekend with Andre Harris. This morning, On Air With Ryan Seacrest gave the song its official debut, and fans seem to be really liking it. Take a listen below…

Paul McDonald has a beautiful voice. He definitely wasn’t booted from Idol because he couldn’t hang vocally, but his wife actually does a nice job of keeping pace during her parts. The two might not be Sonny & Cher, but they’ve got a nice chemistry when singing together. As this as their first collaboration, they should improve in the future, and if McDonald gets his way, they will.

According to E!, he’s already convinced her to perform at a few open mics, and in the future he’d like to perform regularly. She’s apparently a bit apprehensive but willing to give it the old college try. And if it doesn’t work? Well, she’s still a sought after actress, and he’s a musician on the rise. Life is a lot easier with a back-up plan.

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