If redemption is the latest movement in Hollywood, could rehab be the new Jesus? Last week Twixie starlet, Lindsay Lohan entered a rehabilitation center lfor exhaustion, drug abuse or poor sleeping habits. This week it's 'Grey’s Anatomy' star Isaiah Washington entering a residential treatment center on Wednesday in Los Angeles to detoxify his mind of homophobic rants and learn to love his gay brethren.

Washington issued a statement that is long on empty sentiment and full of overly-selected words so it will not be reprinted here. Lohan was seen in Beverly Hills today shopping for a new Mercedes-Benz after only a week of getting well. Either way, it doesn’t seem to count unless the world has to see it before all boo-boos are forgiven. That, or the cameras' glare is one addiction they can’t scratch.

The brouhaha on 'Grey’s' erupted last fall during an on-set argument between Washington and his co-star T.R. Knight when the dreaded f****t word spilled forth. The tensions on the set of the hit TV drama worsened when Washington flat out denied ever saying it. “I did not call him a faggott” right in front of a group of reporters at the Golden Globes telecast. Whatever the truth, ABC executives weren’t pleased with the bad press their top show was receiving and took action.

Lohan has spent the last year falling down, throwing up and not showing up on time to the set of her latest film and the film’s producers propped her up and headed her straight to LA’s Wonderland Center for an undetermined period punctuated by easy sign-outs to and from the facility.

Teen titan Mary-Kate Olsen gave the whole rehab shine a new luster when she entered Cirque Lodge in 2004 for either cocaine addiction or anorexia, take your pick. Singer Keith Urban went in for drug and alcohol abuse seemingly at the order of his wife Nicole Kidman in order not to screw visitation rights with the invisible kids she shares with ex-hubby Tom Cruise. Nicole Ritchie did it backwards. Last November she went into a clinic to help her gain weight and then the next month she was busted for drunk driving. Movie actor Brad Renfro was ordered by a judge to enter a treatment facility after he was busted for purchasing heroin. And of course, good ole’ anti-Semite Mel Gibson blamed wicked firewater on his rants against the Jews during his drunk driving arrest and sought help at the foot of an AA meeting

Back in 1992 when singer Courtney Love went into Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles to give birth she was experiencing a difficult labor. The pain became unbearable but Love stopped everything, got up, walked out of the delivery room to another wing of the hospital where husband Kurt Cobain was embracing a different sort of labor and yelled at him, “You are not leaving me to do this by myself!” That pretty much sums up the whole experience.

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