Lou Diamond Phillips, movie and television actor, was hauled off to the big house Friday morning. He was arrested after a LAPD arrived at his home investigating a domestic violence call. A police spokeswoman told Reuters "He was involved in a verbal argument with his live-in girlfriend which escalated to physical abuse. He was arrested on suspicion of co-habitant abuse."

Arrested, but not charged, according to Lou's representative, Erik Bright. "He was released on his own recognizance a little bit before noon," Bright explained. "There have been no charges pressed and it was a misunderstanding."

According to the occassionally dubious Wikipedia, on average only one in three domestic violence cases (or intimate partner violence as it is called among more politically correct groups) are ever reported. Of course, I'm not suggesting Phillips is guilty or anything, but either way this is a good time to bring up the fact that staying quiet about domestic violence and abuse is wrong.

We here at Celeb Stink encourage verbally abusing really bad movies (and mocking the people who make them - yes Uwe Boll, I'm looking at you) but we also encourage you to report domestic violence. To find out more visit www.womenshealth.gov/violence/state for state by state contact information.

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