MF Doom started off his career in a somewhat obscure way. He is still an eccentric persona, but that’s an entirely different issue. The rapper began by appearing on numerous records and producing albums for other artists before he made his debut LP titled Operation: Doomsday. Before the release of this, Daniel Dumile created the moniker MF Doom, which turned his career of obscurity into a fruitful virtuoso job of musicianship and an auteur recording style similar to his close friend Danger Mouse.

Doom is known for his creative mixes that range from the extremely experimental to the “doom” style that has perpetuated his fame. Known for his numerous collaborations, the artist is joining back together with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah. They previously recorded a couple of songs together, but nothing stands out like the epic tune “The Mask.” Check out the song from the Danger Mouse and Doom creation The Mouse and the Mask:

Danger Doom "The Mask"

This formation of groovy beats and dreamy vocals proved that the eccentric producer and Wu-Tang veteran could create a magnificent duo. The latest to come from them is the single called “Victory Laps”, and it can be listened to on XXL. Rapping under the moniker DOOMSTARKS, these guys never seem to fail. Madvillainz, which is collaboration between Doom and Madlib, remixes the song to create an even more powerful version. Check it out below:

DOOMSTARKS "Victory Laps"

The genius behind the awesome Grand Theft Auto song “Chinatown Wars” have defintely done it again. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. “Victory Laps” is just the latest installment from an amazing duo that can’t do any wrong. For those who are interested in more of MF Doom’s work, check out his Wikipedia discography page.

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